What have I realised for myself after meeting Vitaly.
Im not gonna talk about his peronality or something cause t makes me sick.

I have to do everythink like he did against the clock. That means as Ive already decided for myself but never brought it into life - to make experements.
Bu for my asumption it was like beeing fooled and fool myself. But probably would work. While he gave me nspiration to do everything I should faster and better.
Well. that's not so easy if we talk about some mental activity in comparison with ya know heavy labour.
And I do thnk now clearly that ourlives here, or our life, is spiritless. meaningless/ and t wont be better because we as individuals are hardly capable of anything valueble.
Sad but true.
Before I started doing something, while its the high time I did, want to define some new points of my work.
1. no tv
2. no lazyness
3. no vk
4. firm timetable
5. no excuse
6. maximal list of work
7. against the time.

enough so far