Miss the Magicboy so much.
I can't call him mine. I can't lie myself.

What 'bout the successes... I haven't got any clear. I talked with the Navy. He said that my logo wasn't so good and said that peope should have cum about the logo. He knows how to explain, pervert). So I have several ideas, don't know actually how i will make it all out, but still.
And 'bout the diet. I don't eat much. I even would say that It's much that I don't eat. Though I want it so bad. Like candies. yeeah.
Tomorrow we have 4 pairs of lessons, so I need to figure out what I am gonna eat all that time. All the ideas seem stupid yet.
I went to jugging two times. But it's off now as I made out an excuse. Like it's quiet cold out there. Not really actually.