Hey there. Hardworker is back and as always welcome.
I lost all my whole year trying results. So now my weight is about 60 again. It's 'about' because I refuse my ciriosity to learn how much it is exactly. Just not to fall in a faint.
It was the first time I tried to wihten my theeth. Well, we'll see...
Wanna go sleep.
Remorse makes me sleepy.

Oh, fuck!
I forgot what almost nobody knows about this diary and also who would read english... So I can say anything here! ts great.
We went to movie with V and a great girl this weekend. He gave me a HUG! the first time, you know as a 'hi'. It was kinnda surprising. It must be what we are friends now oficially) He keeps talking 'bout Helen...so, i see no progress in that side of the relationship. I don't even need it.
Anyway. Our goodbyes were stupidly lumpy - hate this thing.
Hope, one day I'll forget all the mishaps and forgive myself for it.

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