I don't really know if it's true, but I want to believe what he saved me from this suffer.
I mean all my deprassion things or someth... I kindda crushed into him, sill i do. And it was terrible as it always heppens to me. Catching his words and so one. Can someone be so much in love for nothin'? Well, I can. And somewhen it made me feel all this love to everything.
Or maybe it wasn't so, I sad I didn't know.
Anyway, things changed. They really did. I enjoy life a lot. And that's why I'm here now.
I wish I could make myself go to the dancing class, gym, or something. Singing is a part of my life never being trained. It drives me crazy. I just can't fins some strength to come. And I can't also choose. Dance or singing? Okey, now I don't have to choose. My mother just said we had no money to pay for a dancing class, so it'd better I continue getting covered by all this fat.
Well...see you, xoxo